Tuesday, October 19, 2010

amazing team

just have to skite about our amazing team for a second. we just had our weekly meeting, and after chillaxing for a bit (and singing happy birthday to the lovely rachel cheah), we split up into groups and rewrote a song for half an hour. Some of the stuff people came up with was killer!

Then those of who are rostered on to play on Sunday AM had the easiest rehearsal ever, everyone totally nailed every part of every song.
We literally ran through each song once and went home. Awesome.

it's a ball hanging wit you guys


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  1. Whoa that was fast! I really enjoyed tonight's workshop! It's amazing what people can come up when they're more "free" and in smaller groups :) and just fellowshipping with one another helped all the creative juices to come out. :) I love our team!!!